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Selling your home

Our stress-free process:

When SELLING, we don’t just “list” homes we SELL them.

Our team consistently researches and strategically analyzes this ever-shifting market to help you determine the correct price in order to market and list your home.

With the real estate market changing daily, we have the knowledge and skillset to guide you through the home selling process to assure Designed RESULTS.

Our mission is to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Partner with us, and get your home SOLD!

17 Steps To SOLD!


Market Analysis

The Kimberly Zahand Team - Wolfpartners Group consistently researches and strategically analyzes this ever-shifting market to help you decipher the right place to market and list your home. With the real estate market changing daily, we have the knowledge and the skill set to guide you through the home selling process to assure designed RESULTS. Our mission is to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. We study CLOSED, PENDING, and ACTIVE relevant home sales, then use that data to help decipher the right price to market your home. The result? SOLD!


Continuous Marketing Review & Snapshot

Evaluating the market does not end once we list your home, The Kimberly Zahand Team - Wolfpartners Group continues to consistently review the market around you so that your listing stays current, fresh, and noticed. To help you follow the market with us, we provide you with a Neighborhood Trends snapshot report, so that you can keep track of the neighborhood activity as well. This snapshot pulls the closest closed, active, and pending listings making it a convenient user-friendly tool to help you understand the real estate activity that is happening in your neighborhood!


Staging Consult & Home Prep

Impressions. When listing your home, it is all about a positive first impression. When a prospective buyer views your home online or enters your home for the first time, they want to imagine themselves living there. At the Kimberly Zahand Team - Wolfpartners Group, we utilize staging, along with design tips & tricks to help SHOWCASE your home’s best features and benefits. From advice on de-cluttering to vignette staging, from re-purposing to a full staging overhaul, our team has the talent and the resources to give your home the look it needs to get SOLD!


Professional Photoshoot

This is where the MAGIC happens. Our team has the “eye’ for bringing your home to life, one photo at a time. We use only professional photographers who utilize the finest equipment inclusive of proper flashes, WIDE angle lenses, and expert editing techniques. We are the storytellers of the lifestyle your home offers. Our professional photoshoot creates premium photos that WILL captivate buyers’ interest online, right when their home search starts.


For Sale Sign & Coming Soon

While we are prepping your home for sale, we will put your home in the PRIVATE LISTING NETWORK and place a COMING SOON-FOR SALE sign in your yard BEFORE you go “live” in the MLS! This strategy generates HUGE BUZZ and excitement around your home. We’ll boost your listing on major websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and our Social Media pages- All of this pre-marketing may just sell your home before we make it live!


Maximum Internet Exposure

How do today’s buyers begin their home search? By searching the internet, of course! When you list your home with Wolfpartners Group - The Kimberly Zahand Team, rest assured that your home will receive MAXIMUM web exposure and presence. Through our KWLS feed your listing will not only be placed on all of our companies’ websites & social networking pages but also OVER 900 of the MOST USED HOME SEARCH WEBSITES. We are constantly promoting your home locally, nationally, and globally.


Direct Target Marketing Through Social Media

Just listed, just sold, choose your own neighbor, moving up, and so much more! Targeted direct social media campaigns get the word out about the Kimberly Zahand Team and our available homes! These targeted Facebook, Instagram & Twitter posts create BUZZ and excitement around your home! Our marketing finds your buyer!


Internet Lead Conversion & Database Calls

We are experts at converting lead calls and internet inquiries into showings. Our response time is quick, and our mission is to get them in your door. Our team has also built up a huge database of buyers and investors with whom we reach out if your listing is a match to their home search criteria.


Real Estate Agent Target Marketing

A cooperating Real Estate Broker is likely the person to bring us your buyer. For this reason, our team focuses every week on reaching out to these agents and making them aware that your home is FABULOUS and FOR SALE!

    We target REALTORS in 3 ways:

        1.) Super Micro REVERSE PROSPECTING

We know which Brokers have buyers interested in your home and reach out to them via phone, email, and e-blast. Our Misson? Get the showing!

2.) Micro Flyer E-Blasts

To the LOCAL offices that sell the most real estate in your area.

3.) Macro Flyer E-Blasts

To over 4000 agents in your county.

STEP 10:

Professional In-Home Marketing Brochure and Pacards

Our creative director creates a spectacular IN-HOME marketing package that enhances the showing experience to your future buyer and their agent. Our team starts by placing placards strategically throughout your home that showcase your home’s unique features and benefits. These placards are critical in highlighting many of the amazing features and/or facts about your home that may otherwise be overlooked. Also, all buyers are provided a stunning and personalized home brochure which will be the perfect marketing folio for the buyers to refer to after they leave your home. Your home has a story to tell, and we are your storytellers!!!

STEP 11:

Public Open Houses

Our team will coordinate a public house to promote your listing. Our open houses are a success because we advertise them SEVERAL days in advance and on the day of the tour, we make sure we canvas the area with loads of directional signage, so buyers feel the excitement and know exactly how to find your home.

STEP 12:

Broker Buyer Feedback & Market Activity Reports

Our Client Care Specialist/Admin will be sure to get you all of the feedback after a showing occurs. We immediately send a request or feedback to the agent showing your home and continue until feedback is received. Once received, this unedited feedback is forwarded to you, so that you know the buyer’s opinion of price, how they felt your home showed, 2nd showing possibility, and overall interest level. This feedback is critical to us to understand how the market AND buyers are receiving your home.

STEP 13:

Negotiation Experts

When it comes down to offers and negotiations, having a strong, confident advocate on your side is key. Over the years, we have successfully negotiated over 2000 closed transactions. Negotiating to maximize your highest price start with really understanding the marketplace around your home and ends with the ability to confidently and effectively communicate your goals to the buyer’s agent. The result? The highest price and best terms are accomplished.

STEP 14:

The Keller Mortgage Advantage

Because you’ve partnered with a Keller Williams Broker, we have the leverage to offer our buyers a ZERO cost mortgage saving them thousands! This tool can be used to help bridge the gap in negotiations to help maximize your net profit and increase your bottom line. Best news of all, when you buy your next home, you get to take advantage of this incredible offer too!

STEP 15:

After The Sale: Inspection & Appraisal

Now that you are under contract, there are other important milestones, including two that are mentioned here, that are vital in leading to the successful closing of your home.

  1. Home Inspection: Our team, along with your attorney, will guide you in your inspection negotiations and refer you to any needed contractors to complete any necessary repair requests.

  2. Appraisal: When it comes time for the buyer’s appraisal, we ALWAYS meet the appraiser at your home to provide “like” relevant home comparables and pertinent information about your home to help secure your home’s value. This is critical to the success of your sale.

STEP 16:

Preferred Partner Relationships

When you partner with us to list and sell your home, not only do you get the Wolfparters Group - The Kimberly Zahand Team of experts on your side, but you also have an arsenal of industry experts on your side. The team of attorneys, lenders, contractors, and movers that we have available to help guide you through the process are tried and true, and always have your best interest at heart.

STEP 17:

Commitment & Open Communication

Our team understands that selling your home is a major financial milestone and often a major emotional journey. Our team is here for you every step of the way. We are accessible, responsive, and passionate about helping you accomplish your goals. We will always operate with our best interest at heart. We believe in open and constant communication and understand that communication is the key to success in any relationship.


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